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More Money and Less Work Requires One Thing...


If we're honest with ourselves as I.T. professionals, we know that many methodologies are too complicated for most companies, or they're too cumbersome.


When methodologies are ignored, we get risky projects that may fall short of customers' expectations. Worse, they can disrupt the production environment, creating unexpected I.T. resumé-generating opportunities.


As an I.T. professional, it's hard to advance your career when you're involved with projects that don't perform.


When projects don't end well, management outsources tasks and hires high-paid consultants to do the work you could do (for a lot more money).


Just Do THIS lets you take control of your career. You'll discover a simple, battle-tested professional services methodology that reduces risk, reduces costs, and ensures the highest probability of successful project outcomes.

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I.T. teams are already stretched and overworked. When you add a complex methodology (just so the company can brag about being "leading edge") you have a recipe for burned-out teams and poorly executed projects.


As an I.T. professional, this is no way to live or build a career.


That's why I wrote Just Do THIS: A Simpler Way to Succeed in I.T.


After applying the lessons from Just Do THIS, you'll have a simple, effective methodology that moves projects from Discovery to Rollout with a minimum of stress--and that set you up to be the go-to person in your organization.


  • Why this methodology is worth its weight in gold to organizations of all sizes (and why your value leaps when you use it). (See page 12.)

  • How making this one simple tweak when you report findings can make you indispensable to the C-Suite. (See page 205.)

  • Why top-tier consultants never begin a project without first understanding this one thing. (See page 41.)

  • The preventable mistake that will spike your blood pressure and give you the feeling that you've done something awful… because you have. (See page 26.)

  • Why confidence and authority are critical to your success with each project (and how to get both if you don't possess them). (See pages 56-59.)

  • How to start "half-finished" to make more money and give you more home time. (See page 84.)

  • Why learning this "artsy" skill can pay big dividends in your career (and four moves to nail it). (See pages 124-126.)

  • Precisely what to say when leadership wants to see your findings before they're complete (there's no defense to this response). (See page 92.)

  • Why this single page in your documentation can be the difference between leadership seeing your efforts as an excellent investment and questioning its value. (See page 130.)

  • The cardinal sin to avoid at all costs (or risk embarrassment that follows you for years). (See page 142.)

  • Five documentation tricks that top-tier consultants use to look great to management. (See page 147.)

  • Why being vulnerable in this one area can make all the difference in your career, salary, and impact. (See pages 149-150.)

  • The often-overlooked way for I.T. professionals to avoid late-night phone calls and missed vacations. (See page 157.)

  • What a dead Greek philosopher demanded that can save your bacon during rollout. (See page 156.)

  • A low-friction way to get a large project back on track after moving outside of scope. (See page 163-164.)

  • How I.T. professionals can dodge the sneaky blindspot that makes users hate them (and how to be a "no brag" hero). (See page 177.)

  • Two reasons successful I.T. professionals regularly report KPIs, even when management hasn't asked for them. (See pages 211-212.)

  • How to know if you have what it takes to be a high-paid architect (and the fear you must conquer if you ever want to become one). (See page 260.)

  • A 6-second way to discover leading info on data security. (See page 234.)

  • Why consultants hate it when you empower your service desk team (but management will love you for it). (See page 254.)

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Hi, I'm D.J. Eshelman

I'm the creator and lead coach of CitrixCoach and CTXPro, and I'm dedicated to equipping the next generation of tech leaders with the skills and guidance they need to be successful.


I spent over 20-years as a Citrix Engineer and consultant. Working with companies of all sizes, including 20 of the Forbes Top 100 companies, I've seen what builds personal and professional success.


I know what practices and methodologies lead to promotions, raises, and free time.


And I know the moves that guarantee you a 3rd class ticket to the spice mines of the service desk.


In Just Do This: A Simpler Way to Succeed in I.T., I detail the exact steps to lead successful projects, build authority, and enjoy the financial and professional rewards that come with being one of the most sought-after members of your organization.




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"In this book, D.J. gives away the secrets on how to succeed in I.T. in simple steps that anyone can learn from, no matter if you are new to I.T. or an I.T. Pro. Beautifully written and easily understandable. It is highly recommended reading for everyone in I.T. today!"

Doug Brown
Vice President of Community, IGEL

"After reading this book, I have been able to work with two large companies and put this method into practice. The results are amazing."

Douglas DeCamp

Enterprise PreSales Engineer, IGEL

Benjamin Crill

"D.J.'s Just Do This book is a must read for anyone in the I.T. services industry. This means everyone, since even if you are internal I.T., you are providing a service to your organization. D.J.'s experience will guide you through how to operate and why... regardless of the specific technology area you focus. Read it.....Just Do It, I mean, THIS!"

Abraham Brown

"D.J. Eshelman provides practical advice and real world examples to be successful in your I.T. career. I have personally followed his methodology and have successfully implemented new technologies for several customers."

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